Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Goodbye and HELLO to a new chapter in life :)

Hey there! It's year 2013 already!! :D I know I've been neglecting my blog for a long time even before I barely got started. haha.I don't even know what to say, but perhaps, sorry to myself? and to all (if any)who were expecting some posts yet waited in vain? Haha. My apologies..

But for the past months, I've been really caught up with my final semester in uni and especially trying to get my THESIS done. Now that it's over, I'm just so relieved and thankful. No matter what grade i will be getting for it, i'm just thankful i won't have to go through it again. haha. And I'm also glad I'm finally done with my 4 years of Bachelor's degree. Wow..time really flies! It felt like it was just  yesterday when I set foot in Johor and now it's goodbye for good already!

If you ask me, I honestly have mixed feelings about it. Happy to go, yet sad to leave. (If there's such a term?) Yesterday, when Jace and I were packing and cleaning my room for hours... and when it was finally time to lock up and say 'bye', i almost teared. And even when we were in the car driving past all the building and places, it felt so weird...knowing I won't be seeing this place for a loooong time (or probably never ever again). I'm really not the emotional type but i guess 2 years worth of memories in this house and room made it slightly difficult to bid farewell. I didn't even have time to properly say goodbye to my housemates cuz one of them wasn't home when i left.

Anyways..stories's how my part of my room looked like after all the cleaning. I managed to sell my furnitures..Thank God for enabling me to find buyers even though I'm not getting much out of it but at least the goods will be put to use :)

#Polaroids and some bible verses on my room's wall ever since I shifted in. Now, they're just a fragment of my memories...

On another note, I recently got my hair dipdyed! :)
Been wanting to do it for the longest time..finally!


At first glance, it looks like I only have RED dye since my entire head is actually flaming red! haha. (It really reminds me a lot of Ariel the Little Mermaid's red hair!) But if one would look closely, they'd be able to see purple dipdye hidden beneath that mane :)

Initially I told the hairstylist I wanted the purple to be popping and an ultraviolet or neon purple kinda shade.But she told me it's gonna fade real fast so she suggested a slighter darker shade which I then agreed to. :)
It's gonna take a while before the colour fades into a brighter shade but so far, I'm a happy customer.

In fact, I'm really happy cuz I think it's very worth it since I only paid less than RM 200 for dyeing my entire head red and then adding purple dipdye. If I were in KL, it would have been at least RM 300 and more that's for sure! 

Redhead on the go! :)
Oh by the way, if you guys would like to know, I DID NOT bleach my hair in order to achieve this Ariel-kinda red. The only bleaching I did was for my purple dipdye.:)
So yea, my hair is still quite healthy although the ends are a lil' dry :) But there's always a price to pay if you want glam hair right? haha

This was yesterday at R&R Melaka where we made our pitstop for some snacks before continuing our journey back to KL :) I jacked Jace's Lakers cap cuz i think it looks better on me. wahaha.

#Having Baskin robbins mint choc chip. :P always ze best choice!

Btw, have a great 2013 everyone~
Lets strive to do better than we did in 2012 :)

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