Thursday, 7 February 2013

My new job

As some of you might have already known, I just started my internship at a FMCG company not too long ago. A fashion company that is :)

Most of the people who know me well would say 'Wow congrats! this is what you always wanted right?' Yes, that's true. But I don't wanna be toooo excited about it just yet.  This isn't pessimism but the fashion industry is not all glitz and glam. There's a lot of hard work, sacrifice and can be a very stressful environment, which I believe I was gonna find out all for myself real soon. Haha. So yea, don't wanna have false expectations and end up getting disappointed,etc.

Here's a sneak peek into my journey thus far...

A typical day consists of lotsa paperwork and admin stuffs. (See?It isn't all that glam afterall right?haha) Currently at Day 12 and I've learnt how to key in incentive orders, payment vouchers, sales orders, transfer notes so far. Since I'm supporting the wholesale team, there's a lot of keying-in of orders that needs to be done.

 # Highlight of the day: GUESS bombshell models....Looking at these pics makes me so delighted. #idontknowwhy Gives me that surge of energy somehow. LOL. Packed, sealed and ready to be shipped to wholesalers!:)

 #2013 is here: A colleague was distributing this La Senza smexy calendar around my dept so i shamelessly asked if i could have one! (Cuz my name wasn't in the list yet so by right i wouldn't be entitled to it) Ask and you shall receive! I ended up getting two :D Now my work desk looks livelier with this on it :))

#OOTD to work: 
2 way Cape top from online
Nude pink cincher from Brands
Aztec leggings from Times square
Statement necklace from Korea trip

Blue flowy-loose top from H&M
White bodycon skirt from Brands
White flats from can't remember ROFL
Hermes-inspired file bag from Beijing trip

Ever since I started working, I barely have time to dress up as much as i would love to. Mornings are filled with such haste. Am still trying to work out the mix and matching between my casual outfits with something that's suitable for work. Thankfully enough, my company allows semi formal to casual wear! (perks of a fashion comp! yay!) 

You can see from the pics I'm wearing flats and slippers. That's cuz i have to walk about 4-5km to and from work daily so comfort is mandatory.But usually i change into a pair of heels once i get to office :) Even so, my flats are all failing me... giving me blisters and bruises. Thinking of investing in a Birkenstock but the price is deterring me. LOL. I mean, for a pair of sandals RM 200++? Nvm, let me ponder and sleep through it first :)

#No filter self-shot of yours truly: I personally think I look a bit worned out here. Ever since I started working, I've been coming home feeling utterly exhausted and sometimes accompanied by tension headache (at the back of my head). For the past two days, after coming home for dinner, I K.O-ed on my bed till the very next morning O.O That just proves how tired I am. Constantly feeling lethargic during work and I'm now taking supplements to help ease the situation. Hopefully my body will adjust to the new timetable soon enough!

Moving on... The sale event we had last saturday in which Guess watches was a part of the DIGI LOL CARNIVAL at D'House 

#My superiors are so kind, they bought each of us who were on duty that Saturday Chatime! I for one can never resist Chatime :D Especially the original Pearl Milk tea!

#Lion Dance team and Choy San Yeh were also present. I guess CNY came early this year.hehe.

#My new gorgeous friend and colleague who's from the marketing dept.;)

Gotta go now...have to get up early for work tmr and then its CNY! Woots!:)

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