Monday, 24 November 2014

Park City Run (23rd November 2014)

Hello lovely people!

Just had my Park City 10km run yesterday.
Had to get up by 5:00am cuz I aimed to reach Desa Park by 6am so I could join the warm up session.
Unfortunately the novio and I both woke up late so we only arrived at about 6:15am.
By the time we found parking, it was already 6:25am so we took a fast stroll to get to the International School of Park City, where the starting point is.

 But surprisingly, we still managed to get to the 3rd row of the starting point.
Are most people latecomers too? LOL.#MalaysianStyle

At 6:40am, we were flagged off.

#My trusty Nike Flyknit which I've used for most of my jogging sessions.
It's the 2nd time I'm using it for a race.
Everytime I look at the colour, I feel so HAPPY! :)

It was quite a hilly run.
(But not as hilly as the 2xu Compression run which really killed my legs!)
 I will not forget at one point, I think probably the 5th km or so, there was a REALLY hilly slope that was so steep I dreaded the whole path. As far as my legs could carry me, I ran. 

But I had to stop a couple of times cuz my legs were like all wobbly and jelly-ish. Haha.
Just somehow had a  rather lacklustre stamina on that very morning.

#Here, I was actually approaching the finishing line with every ounce of energy that I had left.

The novio was already nowhere to be seen by the 4th km but when I was nearing the end, I saw him at the turning of a corner. 
In the end, our time difference was only 2 minutes, with him being slightly ahead of me :)

#HappyFaces at the finishing line
All sweaty and still panting cuz I just reached the line when he grabbed me to have a pic taken!
 LOL. Sabarlah bang.

Got my results from the official website.
Clocked in a nett time of 1:08:51 for 10km this time round.
Ranked 63/563 for my Women Category.
Did better than the 2XU run and Penang marathon in 2012, so I'm quite pleased.
But definitely still trying to aim for the 60 minute mark!

Kudos to the novio too for doing well with a timing of 1:06:48 for his first ever run. Yay! 

Keep going. 
"It never gets easier, you just get stronger"

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