Friday, 13 December 2013

Random highlights of the year

So 2013 has flew by really quickly. Here are some of the highlights of the 2nd half of the year for me :)

Celebrated ze novio's birthday in June.. Just a simple dinner together; nothing too fancy :) 
#Couldn't get anyone who was around to take a photo for us so we did the next best thing ----> elevator-mirror-selfie ;)

#Got him an ice cream cake for the first time ever. Could you believe the both of us finished that whole thing on the spot? It was so cold that our mouth felt super numb after that..haha


Dinner with the family at this new ramen restaurant we discovered at the Intermark, KL.
Menya Musashi :)
My dad absolutely loved it. He has been raving about how al dente the noodles were ever since we had it.

#There are 4 flavours to choose from and this is one of them. Mine was the red spicy one :) But if you like something authentic then go for the brown soup (i forgot what it was called).


#Hello Kitty coffee art @Coffee Stain by Joseph


Went out with ze novio and the sister one fine day. Basically just to chill and hang out.
#Lovin' this epic picture. Squeezy pouty!

#Now here's another epic pic of Jo-Ann..hahaha


#Almost could not believe my eyes when I saw this sign one time at Publika. Looks like my childhood dream of becoming a doctor eventually became a reality, through another Abby. haha.
Lovin' my stripe maxi from Dr Fashion


#Nice expression there sista! I'm particularly fascinated by this geometrical-looking object beside us. 

In October, 3 of us : ze novio, his sis and myself decided to head down to Melaka for a food escapade! But through the pic below, you can obviously see we explored way more than just food. :D
#Are you wondering what were we trying to do? 
We were actually trying our level best to reenact the hindi movie, Chennai Express', train-chasing scene...which if you're not aware of, is extremely common in hindi movies. Haha.
Attempt failed cuz we kept laughing. 

#At the famous cendol store in Melaka. One of my fav pics of 2013 :)

#You can't call it a Melaka food escapade if you haven't tried one of these yummy cendol. Absolutely mouthwatering!

#Not forgetting Satay Celup at the most popular one known as Capitol. Queue already started although we went there really early. Coincidentally, it was ze novio's uncle's friend who owns this place. 
Believe it or not, it was my 1st time there! After having been to Melaka for sooo many times I finally had my chance to give this place a try. Really loved their thicky gravy.. 


Rewinding back to late August when I visited Bangkok, a city I have been to for at least 4 times in my life. I's like my second home ya know.
#Love locks at the Swiss Sheep Farm @Cha-am, Hua Hin. 

# You + Me = <3 
Maths made easy! haha

#One-of-a-kind experience feeding the sheeps. They were like hungry wolves constantly craving for more. hence my expression here. Super duper funny!

#Yay! Now I can be a princess riding on a horse carriage too. I think we paid 100 baht for this experience @Swiss Sheep Farm. But the ride was a really short one.

# Since my dreams of going to the REAL Santorini @Greece isn't arriving anytime soon, this is a pretty good attempt, no?

#My first pair of Melissa shoes. Got it at an awesome 50-60% discount at a store in Bangkok which also sells other labels.:) Unfortunately, I wish it was a lil' more comfortable. Somehow it seems to keep cutting into my last toe and I'm a lil' disappointed. So currently am only wearing it for short events..


And finally the definite highlight of the year has to be the day I've been waiting for since I first stepped into my campus: My Convocation!

After 4 long years of hard work, toil, sweat and sleepless nights (as cliched as it sounds), I can proudly say I am a graduate, and from a local university:) My CGPA was 0.03 away from getting First class honours but what is done is done. I did my best and I accept my result with gratitude cuz I know everything is a gift from Him :)

#Disheveled after a long day. Nevertheless I couldn't keep the smile off my face :)

#And is there a better gift apart from being able to graduate together with your loved one? :) 
Absolute happiness!

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