Tuesday, 22 July 2014

7 months

It has been 7 months. 7 LONG months since my last blog post here.
WOW! Just wow.

So I've finally came to the conclusion that the reason why I haven't been posting enough is this:
I always try to write too much and then I'll save it in a draft thinking I'll finish the post later.
But the later always never comes. Cuz once I decide to blog again, I will have fresh, new ideas and then the older post ends up getting neglected! ><

So right now I have a lot of pretty good drafts (in my opinion) on current issues but that aren't so "current" or up to date anymore. lol.
There's even one on Cory Monteith, GLEE actor's passing and my thoughts on it but obviously never got around to finishing it.

In fact, typing this just makes me want to blog about the recent tragedy surrounding the Malaysian airline crash in Ukraine.#mh17
It truly is a matter close to my heart cuz it involves my nation and the precious,innocent lives of those who were on board. Sigh. I do pray that the peace of God will comfort the families of those who lost a loved one during this difficult time. <3
There's just so much chaos happening in the world that at times, I just do not really know how to respond. But empathy is one thing we should never lose.

This time, since I've decided to TRY blogging again, to keep things going I'm going to keep things SIMPLE and lighthearted!
And I mean really simple.


An updated version of me. 
Taken very recently at Shangri-La hotel, celebrating ze novio's birthday over a great buffet :)

A teeth-baring version. :D

There's so much gloom and doom in this world so remember to let your light shine and always stay POSITIVE!

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